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Sullivan Elementary 2016-2017 Chess Team Officers


Photo:  (L-R) is Erick Guevara (Chess Coach), Ricky Salazar, Jonathan Hernandez,

Ezrael Hernandez, and Raphael Cantu


Rancho Verde Elementary Chess Tournament Results: 

Saturday, October 29, 2016

Team Results:

K-5:  1st place

K-1:  2nd place

Individual Results:


Cesar Moncivaiz – 1st place

Ezrael Hernandez – 2nd place

Ricky Salazar – 5th place

Benjamin Villarreal – 28th place

Individual Results:


Nelli Tejeda – 7th place

Jon Joe Montemayor – 10th place

Julian Zapata – 13th place

Jakob Cisneros – 14th place

Isabella Pierce – 17th place


Americo Paredes Elementary Chess Tournament Results: 

Saturday, November 19, 2016

Our students competed in challenging divisions, in an effort to prepare for our upcoming Regional Tournament in February 2017, and they competed with excellence and good character.  Outstanding job students!

Landrum Elementary Chess Tournament Results: 

Saturday, December 3, 2016

K-1 Team:  4th place team trophy
Nelli Tejeda
Nathan Salinas
Markus Gonzales
Maverick Gonzales
Julian Zapata
Jon Joe Montemayor

**  Markus Gonzales earned an 8th place individual award. **

The following students competed in our K-3 division:
Kaylynn Hernandez
Angelica Ramirez
Kaleb Ruelas
Gilberto de la Fuente

K-5 team:  4th place team trophy
Benjamin Villarreal
Ricky Salazar
Raphael Cantu
Cesar Moncivaiz
Alfredo Balderas
Carlos Vasquez

**  Raphael Cantu earned a 4th place award. **

** Ricky Salazar earned a 13th place award. **

**  Cesar Moncivaiz earned a 19th place award. **


Sullivan Chess Team


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