SESA Library

Library Mission
The mission of the SBCISD Library Services is to collaborate in providing our students a quality education, to empower them to become critical thinkers and to foster in them a lifetime joy of reading by supporting curriculum, providing a collection reflective of our community, and facilitating the access, evaluation, and implementation of print and digital resources.
Elizabeth Robinson

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Contact: (956) 361-6885

Regular Library Hours: 7:30 AM - 3:30 PM

 Checking out books:

*Students from 1st – 5th may check out books.

*Books are checked out for a period of one week.

*Students must return their books in order to check out another.

*Students may renew their books if they have not finished with book(s).

*Students may not check in or check out books without librarian or library assistant present.
*Students must pay for lost or damaged books.

*The books in the library are labeled with lexile levels to help students pick books that are right for them.